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The world of online dating can be challenging and confusing. But it isn’t if you know what to do and what sites you need to choose. And we know everything about this industry. We want to welcome you on filipino-brides.com, we are a team of young enthusiasts who love online dating and want to share information about it. Our site is developed to help people who want to try online dating but don’t know where to start. Our main goal is to offer you a selection of reviews on various online platforms where you can communicate with people from all over the world. Our experience and knowledge of the matter can make your time online unforgettable and exceptional!

How do we make money?

Even though we are just enthusiasts of online dating, our website is our business. We make money by posting reviews. However, you personally don’t need to spend anything to get access to our content. All you need to do is just read our reviews. We cooperate with many online platforms that want to be promoted, and for each article and guide we write, we receive a certain compensation. Our articles remain honest and detailed, and if we find some tools ineffective or see that a site is not suitable for customers, we reflect that in our reviews. Nevertheless, it is important to note that since we are sponsored by some platforms, we may place them higher in our global rating of dating sites.

Process of writing a review

To write a review, our team needs to find a lot of information. We usually combine different sources of data. Our designers evaluate the site from a visual point, while our dating experts meticulously test every single feature and tool available. We also gather information from third-party sources to get proper statistical and analytical data. Our analysts conduct surveys, compare sites with competitors, and make sure that we keep the only objective and honest facts.

Criteria of reviews

Each review contains a few factors that are essential for any online dating site. It is important for us to cover everything on a dating site in order to write a detailed review. We use stars to define the quality of a certain element, where 1 star is the lowest mark and 5 stars are the best mark. Each member of our team is designated to cover a certain part, so we have a detailed, impartial, and effective description of the site’s tools.


We check how many users are active on the site. We collect such information from different third-party websites such as SE Ranking, Semrus, Ahrefs, and others to see how many users are registered, active, and online.


In order to review a site, we need to trust it. The price list, the range of features, and many other options should be as they are presented. The general idea of a site’s reputation is also tested by checking out what customers say about the site on other platforms such as SiteJabber, Influenster, Instagram, or TrustPilot!


Site functionality is the main priority for us. It is important to make sure that every single feature that is provided by the site is working and effective. We test the quality of video communication, diversity of messaging, searching, matchmaking, and other options provided on the site. Furthermore, our team of designers looks into the quality of design and user interface.

Look of profiles

While writing reviews, we also rate the quality of profiles that people have on the sites. The more detailed profiles are, the more likely those profiles are real and legit.


Lastly, we closely inspect the quality and effectiveness of customer services. It is impossible to have everything perfect, which is why a team of highly trained and helpful managers is a necessity. And we try to test their knowledge and responsiveness as much as possible.

How can we help you?

We help you find legitimate Filipino dating sites to make the process of finding the perfect life partner easier. Relationships established through mail order bride agency are found to last longer than the usual ones. According to an official report, the success rate of married relationships formed through mail order brides catalog is 80%. It is a lot considering the prevalent high rate of divorces. This site, with its diverse sources and references, has a list of thousands of Filipino women looking for husbands. With connections such as these, we hope to play the cupid in your life and help you find the love of your life.

Why choose us?

A vast catalog of Filipino brides online

We have a network of beautiful Filipina women through the various dating sites available in the market. With monthly updates and additions, we offer a wide variety of Philippine singles to provide you with the best options. When searching for someone the traditional way, the prospects are limited, and the scope is narrow. Here we provide you with a platform to find numerous Filipino single women so that you don’t miss out on any possibilities. Working as an Filipino wife finder, this site has the list of the dating sites that have the most exquisite Filipina singles.

Reviews of top dating sites

We review top dating sites for Filipina women for marriage like Asia Charm, Asian Lady Online among the many others. Too many choices and places can sometimes be overwhelming, and one does not know where to go. We review, rate and list the benefits of known and well-established dating platforms for Filipina mail order brides. So that an individual is looking to explore the sea of Filipino singles, does not get lost in the waves of fishy and untrustworthy sites.

Expert advice on enhancing conversational skills

There are many cases wherein people remain stuck because they do not know the right thing to say. If you are one of them, you need not worry as we have got you covered. We have a panel of experts who will provide you with the best advice. Filipino ladies can make you nervous and unsure of the way to approach them. Our consultants have various techniques in store for you that would ensure a smooth flow of talks. When looking to date Filipino women and subsequently marry, getting to know each other plays a pivotal role. Our team helps enhance your conversation skills so that nothing comes in your way when you find a true connection.

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Guide on the how-tos of dating

At some point or the other, we all get stuck on some things in the process of dating. With regular blogs and articles by experts on dating and lifestyle, we address common complications. These complications are usually faced along the way while dating Filipina women. Sometimes all that is needed is a different perspective to look at things to understand the other person’s problems. Suppose you want to propose her to be your Philippine wife, but there some issues are standing in the way. With experienced members on board, our content also deals with the cultural changes that can cause a setback. So, our advisory posts on dating are sure to clear your doubts and help you fulfill all your romantic dreams.

Personalized experience

With user satisfaction in our mind, we hope to ensure a respectable dating experience. Since the aim is getting into serious associations with a view to settle down, we wish to give the people honest and reliable reviews. A good way to achieve this aim is efficient customer service. Our team works dedicatedly to make certain that the matches are compatible with the requirements of the user. In the search for Philippine women for marriage, we aim to provide a memorable story.


Dating sites often have hidden prices and costs that obstruct your journey towards finding love. We work towards finding good sites with the minimum mail order bride cost that are reliable and efficient.