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Are you into creating romance with Filipino girls? Online dating is an exciting way to find your soulmate abroad. However, aside from being an effective and budget-friendly way to find your significant other, it implies multiple pitfalls. One of them is a Filipina bride scam. If you are all about protecting your identity when communicating with gorgeous ladies online, learn everything about the signs of Philippine bride scams and the possible ways to avoid them. With this information at hand, you can quickly determine Filipina marriage scams and protect your identity during online communication without any hassle. 

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What Are Philippine Marriage Scams? 

Online dating scams imply special tricks fraudsters apply to lure money from their victims or steal their personal information, including bank account details, ID information, etc. The FTC states that about 70,000 people become victims of romance scammers every year. They lose their financial assets by paying for questionable services, sending money to strangers whom they met online, or falling for the bait of blackmailing. 

Since Filipina girls are one of the most sought-after contenders on the international dating scene, it’s no wonder that potential love-seekers worry about the possible negative aftermath of their online dating experience. That is where it is worth getting to know the most widespread Filipina brides scams, being armed with essential information, and preparing for your dating journey in advance. 

  • Catfishing. Most often, such scams happen on social media and questionable dating sites. Ladies attract men physically and emotionally and give a lot of reasons to send them money or a gift. Based on Statista, the Philippines leads the list of global catfishing incidents. 
  • Blackmailing. The con artist starts chatting with their target on social media websites or dating platforms. As they get closer, the fraudster gets them to take off their clothes before threatening them with the recordings.
  • Code verification scams. Imitating a dating app or website, scammers will send a bogus verification code via text or email. When clicked, it will request personal data from them, such as credit card numbers and Social Security numbers.   
  • Mail order bride scams. Since the Philippines is the sweetest spot to search for international marriages worldwide, a lot of scammers use this fact to entice funds from their victims. A lot of scammers pretend to be foreign brides and engage men in developing relationships and conning victims out of their assets in the long run. 

How to Spot a Filipino Scammer on a Dating Site?—10 Main Red Flags

Check out the main signs of Philippine brides scams and be aware of when it is just the time to suspect a fraud. These 10 main red flags will help you identify a Filipina scammer and get out of the most challenging situation. 

  1. The person you cooperate with on a dating site tries to lure you off the platform, give up using built-in messaging tools, and provide your personal information. It may be dangerous for your privacy. 
  2. Your potential partner frequently probes you for personal information. They ask too many open-ended questions about your salary, contact details, who do you live with, etc. 
  3. The chat partner informs you that they have sent you a gift, but they will require payment to make the delivery.
  4. Your sweetheart interprets the same situation differently. Sometimes, they give controversial answers to the same question, thus making you puzzled as to whether your talks are sincere.  
  5. One of the most widespread Philippines brides scams red flags is when your lady tells you a sob story of her life, thus trying to give a hint for improving her well-being.  
  6. You have been chatting with your partner for a long time, but she rarely writes your name and prefers to use sweet words to call you. There is a high probability that a Filipino scammer cooperates with several men at once and doesn’t want to confuse their names. 
  7. If your significant other avoids a real-life meetup, this is a warning sign that identifies Philippines marriage scams. 
  8. Your partner is always complaining about her financial issues, and it even annoys you. Therefore, she encourages you to solve those issues. 
  9. The lady of your interest seems to be using a different profile photo when you search for it on Google Lens.
  10. If your admirer encourages you to appear nude in front of the webcam, think twice before doing it. 

Take a peek at the most popular Filipino women scam tactics to equip yourself with all the necessary details about possible dangers that may await you online. These tricks are commonly used on both dating websites and social media platforms, so take all the necessary measures to protect yourself. 

Pretending to Be in Need

There are numerous romance scammer lies, but Pinay scams may stand out from the crowd with extraordinary tricks. One of them is creating the impression of a good girl in need. Your so-called partner may assume that she has an emergency, an incident, or an urgent car or house recovery. Such sentimental stories may be seen as true and a gullible person may be easily caught by such a trick. 

Showcasing Love to Get Married Soon

Are Filipino women scamming American men? Of course, marriage scams are the most popular option. Typically, the fraudsters target their victims and apply numerous tricks, so that men fall in love. You can find a lot of stories about Filipino marriage scams on the web. 

Marriage scammers are aware that it takes time to establish trust, so they will stop at nothing to get their target. The criminals take their time getting to “know” their victims and developing a bond. Usually, they enchant men with sweet love promises, fake sincerity, and a sympathetic nature. When they see that their victim falls into the trap. The scammers understand that it is just time to ask for financial help to initiate the process of applying for a fiance visa. After achieving money, your spouse might just disappear. 

Too Pushy Partner Who Is in Rush

Do you think your relationship is developing too quickly? That might be one of the Philippine marriage scams tactics. If your partner is too pushy, and assertive and insists on loving you to the moon and back, she might have a special reason for that, for example, to make you feel significant and your romance serious. When the scammer sees that you trust her, she may proceed to the next step by asking you different kinds of questions to reveal your billing details and as much personal information as possible. It may be a tactic for identity theft or surrendering your funds. 

Generating a Perception of Being Alone

Very often, romance scammers try to isolate their victims from their friends and relatives, so that they won’t be able to give a reasonable piece of advice or dissuade them from rash acts. Con artists usually provoke a sense of social isolation by saying that the closest people wear masks and are envious of their relationships. Scammers convince their victims that they can trust only them, thus creating feelings of loneliness and social insecurity, and creating pretexts for sending money or revealing contact information. 

Filipino Marriage

How to Avoid Filipino Marriage Scams? 

Once you have already discovered how to identify Filipina scammers, you will need to learn more about how to avoid such unpleasant situations. Here are a few tips to keep up your sleeves during your online romantic ventures. 

  • Register on only trustworthy dating sites that have high credibility in the industry. They are encrypted and guarantee your anonymity. Moreover, the user database on such platforms is always valid with all the accounts confirmed. 
  • Verify the identity of your partner. It is possible to approach a private identity digital investigation service, or just use Google Lens at least to check out whether the photos of your significant other appear on other platforms. 
  • If you chat with a lady on a dating site and notice suspicious activity, you will need to contact a customer support team. Also, it is possible to report and block an account to stop communication immediately. 
  • Use only integrated messaging options for flirty chit-chats. Therefore, you will leave your personal information intact and avoid unnecessary acquaintances and annoying behavior. 
  • Don’t be in a rush. Sometimes, romance scammers may seem too pushy and develop your relationships too quickly. You just need to take it easy and think twice before doing something reckless.
  • Switch between multiple communication options. While chats are the most convenient way of dating, you will need to check out whether your partner is real. Thus, feel free to exchange photos or organize a phone call or webcam chat. 

Remember that if you suspect a scam, immediately head over to the FTC site and report the case. This is an official platform run by the government that helps with investigations by sharing reports with trusted law enforcement partners.

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