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How To Charm A Filipino Girl: The Science Of Compliments

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Complimenting a woman is a science. If you are not experienced in relationship, not a romantic person with a sensitive soul, or at least a writer, you may need a little help in building your vocabulary into beautiful and impressing phrases.

We have quite a big cheat sheet for you! It is full of compliments in Tagalog – the language of the Philippines – and in English as well. You can rely on them, steal them all, and charm all the girls you know or just make their day – do whatever you want. But, remember: do not send the same compliment to one lady twice! It is an unwritten rule of courting!

Enjoy our lists of warm words!

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How and where can you meet a Filipino bride?

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Before dreaming about how amazing it will be to surprise your beauty with some nice words in her native language, you should know how to make your meeting happen.

There are two ways to Filipino mail order brides, and one is easier than another. The first one is purchasing a plane ticket to the Philippines and book a nice hotel room there. You can use 21 days of visa-free presence on the islands, and this time may give you plenty of new meetings, dates, and just a lot of fun. What are the most popular places to meet a single Asian woman on the islands?

  • Attractions of the Philippines. There are a lot of them, and girls know that these places are most frequently visited by foreigners. Use all your charm and the compliments below to make the girls fall for you!
  • Beaches.
  • Malls. The public places are perfect for the first dates or meetings with the girls you already know. You still can make new contacts there, as there are a lot of people in malls, but it is quite a hard task to see your destiny in a crowd.
  • Special cafes and restaurants. It is an option for men who seek a companion for a night or a weekend. Girls attend special places to find the same, but we cannot share the locations of these places. You can ask the locals about them, but be careful: men may not help you but can get you into trouble! If you want to find a woman anyway, you can use local dating sites.

However, it is hard to meet a single Philippine lady accidentally and start a new page of life. You can try online dating platforms that helped millions of single men to meet their perfect matches and make happy families with Asian beauties. Philippine dating can begin online and be successful, leading you to the marriage you’ve been dreaming about.

Tagalog compliments to single Philippines

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Learning some new words in another language is a nice exercise for your brain! And the moment you impress your Filipino girl in the Philippines language is rather important. It is not only showing your intelligence (not everyone will remember some lines in a foreign language) but also your care and attention to details. Even if you make mistakes in pronunciation or grammar, your girl will never tell you that you are a bad learner! She will appreciate your efforts and, maybe, she will teach you some new words… Privately.

Here is our little list of compliments for Philippine women. Use it anytime! You can even start a dialog with some of them, but be careful: some of these phrases are too powerful to use at the very beginning of your relationship!

  1. Mas maganda pa lalo ang iyong kalooban kaysa ang iyong panlabas na anyo (Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside). It is the variant for men who are ready to make really great efforts because it is quite a long phrase to say. Luckily, you can use it in a written form.
  2. Maganda ang iyong ngiti (Your smile is beautiful). If your woman dazzles you with her wide and shiny smile, let her know about it!
  3. Dahil sa’yo gusto kong maging mas mabuting tao (You make me want to be a better person.) Probably, any woman would be happy to know that she makes her man stronger, better, more positive, and happier. Let your girl know about your feelings!
  4. Ang galing mong humalik (You kiss so well). The first kiss gives an incredible and memorable feeling. Make this moment even better with this tiny compliment!
  5. Mabait ka talaga (You are really kind). What a person does not want to hear or read that he/she is kind?
  6. Ang ganda ng suot mo (You are dressed nice). Any woman does her best to look perfect on the first date. Well, the majority of them do the same every day all their life, so you should remember this phrase to make your girl smile and feel admired.
  7. Ang seksi mo talaga (You really are so hot). Well, you should be careful with this compliment! Filipino ladies may get reserved if they understand that you want only an intimate relationship with them. However, if you know your lady for long and you two are ready to go to another level of your relationship, use this phrase to drive your beauty crazy!
  8. Gusto ko ang mga niluluto mo (I love your cooking). In Asia, there is a special attitude to food and health. Almost all the girls in the Philippines are perfect cooks, so you will not lie if say it to your beauty when you visit her!
  9. Mahal na Mahal kita = I love you so much. Does it need any comments?

Compliment Philippines women in English

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As far as the majority of girls in the Philippines know English well (and the young ones speak perfectly because they start to learn it at school and continue at colleges), you can use this language to make a compliment to your Asian beauty! Please, feel free to use them all or change them the way you want. Combine them, mix them, get inspiration from them. Just be sincere while saying or writing these lines, and your Filipino woman will appreciate your warm words.

  1. You look mesmerizing!
  2. Oh, my dear. Don’t you realize how beautiful you are?
  3. You’re that “nothing” when people ask me what I’m thinking about.
  4. You are prettier than a picture.
  5. You are my safe place.
  6. You are too good to be true, and if you are a dream, I want to sleep forever.
  7. Around you, I’m the best possible version of myself.
  8. I love your soul and your mind.
  9. Thank you for being so understanding.
  10. You have such a talent for putting together the gorgeous outfits!
  11. You have a brilliant mind.
  12. You are my everything, and I do not want to live without you anymore.
  13. I love every inch of you.
  14. I can listen to you for hours and never get tired of it.
  15. I love everything about you!
  16. I don’t want to be anywhere you can’t be.
  17. It would be my worst nightmare to lose you.
  18. You are wise, smart, and beautiful. Are you even real?
  19. My life didn’t begin until I met you.
  20. You just take my breath away.
  21. Your capacity for kindness is boundless.
  22. Your laugh is my favorite sound.
  23. You are my dream that has finally come true!

Final word

The compliments that we provided can be used in a conversation with any girl – their English equivalents, at least. Complimenting and making a girl – Philippine, Latin, Slavic, or any other – is not a hard task if you are in love. You will not need any notes or articles to rely on after meeting your destiny. However, if you want to be fully equipped and ready to any situation, please, feel free to return here and get some inspiration or steal several phrases for a sweet talk with your Filipino bride!

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