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Filipino girls are extremely attractive ladies. Foreign men are amazed by their beauty. Philippines brides, as many other nations, are topped by stereotypes. In our guide, you will learn all the myths and facts about dating with Philippines women. Of course, all women are different, and for someone’s these myths can be true.

Myth 1 – Philippines brides adore all children in the world

Clarification: of their children. Philippines women love foreign children in two cases: if they are born teachers or if they already really want their own. It’s just that type of personality. As for other people’s babies, it’s just customary to be touched by them. And this is good. But in fact, Philippines women are usually not eager to grab someone else’s child, press them to their chests, and kiss each other.

In general, Philippines women are ready to adore children all only under the influence of the maternal instinct, which signals: “It’s time, mother! Will you think longer?” Then Filipino mail order brides look into the strollers and grab the hands of strangers of two-year-olds. In general, not all Philippines women adore children, and those who adore, they adore not all.

But if a woman of the Philippines dare on the baby, she will be the best mother in the world.

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Myth 2 – Philippines women are preening for themselves

Oh, men, no. Philippines women preenfor men. But as they do it day after day for many years, then eventually they find some pleasure in it. But there are different types of Philippines wives. Some proudly call themselves lacquers and are ready to repaint their nails daily. Others do not think of an evening shower without applying 25 fragrant masks for different parts of the body.

Still others are delighted with decorative cosmetics and can do evening makeup in the morning on Sunday simply because it is interesting to see how new shadows are combined with the favorite lipstick. It is a fact. But not a single Philippines woman, left completely alone, will not preen in full. Man, never believe if a Philippines woman says she is hiding for herself. Filipino women adore foreign men. And to impress him, they spend a lot of time on their appearance.

Myth 3 – Filipinos marry to get out of poverty

Although the Philippines is a poor country, Filipino brides never aim to marry a rich man. They are looking for a reliable man who works hard and can care about the family. Men should have good values and be family oriented. Of course, sometimes Philippines woman can ask her husband to help her family financially. But most Filipinos are independent women. They can work and earn their own money.

If you meet a Filipino, you will notice that she is absolutely not demanding in terms of finances. Philippines woman will never require expensive gifts, visits to expensive restaurants or luxury vacations.

Be sure that you will find a woman for a serious relationship and not for a brief affair.

filipina for marriage

Myth 4 – Philippines women have disgusting English

In fact, in the Philippines, English is the second official language; you will have no difficulty understanding each other. Philippines women are learning a lot and developing as a personality; therefore, their English is also at a high level. Sure, the language level is higher for Philippines brides with higher education. Education in schools and universities is also held in English. Yes, you will not hear a British accent, but good American English can be found.

Yes, you may not agree with Philippines women on issues of culture or values, but since there may be interracial marriage, this is normal.

Philippines mail order brides are very smart women, so you will have many topics to talk about. It will be the best evening in your life.

Myth 5 – Philippines women prefer younger men

attractive filipino bride

Oh, that’s definitely not true. Filipino women are much more tolerant to older men. To confirm this, there are statistics – 80% of foreign men are older than their Philippines brides at least a year, over 40% of men are over 10 years old and about 15% of men are over 20 years old. Adulthood makes these men desirable for Philippines woman because they are mature and decent.

Also, they are financially secure, which is very important for Philippines women. Not every Philippines woman is ready to enter a serious relationship with a man who has “the wind in his pockets.” Someone takes such a step finds a guy promising in terms of career and tries to help him succeed. And someone wants to have material wealth initially. Such Philippines women are looking for wealthy men who, as a rule, rarely turn out to be young.

filipino mail order brides

Myth 6 – Philippines women are bad educated

beautiful filipino women

Philippines women are also highly educated today. Graduation and getting a degree are one of their top priorities. From early childhood Philippines brides were accustomed to learn something new; they had to study well at school. According to statistics in the Philippines, female college enrollment outnumbers that of the male.

This is a very good reason to understand that Filipino women are reaching their goals. They are aggressive in getting what they want and will take the necessary measures to achieve this. We meant it in a good way, of course. Thanks to good education, Philippines women are undeniably loyal and caring to their partners. They are humble in the sense that they know their place when their partners must take a firm stand. Philippines brides are funny and have a joyful disposition in a life that is very contagious.

filipino brides

Myth 7 – Philippines women are not religious

Most Philippines women are Catholics. All Filipino women living abroad love going to church. There are very pious Filipino women – they will cannot to miss a single mass and will certainly ask the men to go to the church together. But not all Filipino women are like that. Many Philippines women perceive the church not only as a place for fellowship with God but also as a meeting place with their fellow citizens, fellowship.

Parents educate Filipino mail order brides according to the laws of their religion. Your perfect Filipino woman mostly is dreaming of a wedding ceremony in the church. It is quite likely that her family may forbid marriage unless there is a church wedding.

Remember, if you want to be successful in relationships with Filipino woman, respect her religion and traditions.

Myth 8 – Philippines women are bad home keepers

Philippines women are also excellent home keepers. You can be assured that you will come home to the house is in first-class shape, and the children are all washed and ready for bed. This is part of the invaluable Filipino culture that has been inculcated in them since they were still children. Your home always will be very comfortable and cozy for both of you.

Also, Philippines women are very good in cooking. Sure, someone has an innate talent and desire to cook, while someone does not. But Philippines women do their bests to please the men. They are ready to learn how to cook national dishes of the country from which her husband is. It will be quite possible. The Philippines women, who spent several years in foreign countries, are well prepared for Chinese, Thai cuisine.

meet filipina wife

Myth 9 – Filipino wives are submissive

Filipino women are very patient with their husbands, but that doesn’t mean they are submissive. It is true that they will not be involved in a heated argument. Parents have taught their daughters all their lives to be real ladies, to have good manners, good taste, and to communicate with their man in a gentle tone.

Filipino women are also very persistent and traditional. They love to do their housework, but that doesn’t mean they are submissive and will do whatever you say. These ladies were taught that domestic roles are their duty.

So, never be rude with Filipino woman and do not make her do something. It can offend her. Thanks to a good education, Filipino women are very tolerant and they will never say something rude to you.

Myth 10 – Filipino women are not hospitable towards foreigners

Filipino women are very friendly towards foreigners. And it will not be a problem for these ladies to marry with them. However, they are cautious with foreigners, as there have been cases where foreign men abused their Filipino women.

Of course, Filipinowomen will be easy to get in touch with foreign men and even marry him.

So, if you meet a Filipino woman, remember these myths. If you’re ready to serious relationship with a Filipina, you should be prepared to take risks. Filipino women have their values and traits, which you should know to understand her better.

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