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Dating Filipino Singles: Expectations & Reality

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Exotic relationships with exotic women – what can be better than unexpected situations, surprizes that always go hand in hand with something we know just a bit about. The women of other nationalities have always been attractive to foreigners because of it.

What if we tell you that you may experience some negative surprises while dating a Filipino woman? What if a relationship with a foreign beauty may have a bit more problems than buying a ticket to the Philippines?

Let’s consider dating a Filipina and all its pitfalls, as well as the positive moments that inspire men to seek a relationship with one of these feminine beauties.

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Expectations when you date a Philippine girl

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Taking into consideration the fact that Filipino mail order brides have a completely different cultural background from the one of yours, you should know quite a lot of things that are waiting for you in dating a Filipina. Here are the most common features of the women from the islands for you to create at least a basic image of these girls, as well as to understand what you will experience on the first date and during the relationship.

  1. Filipino women are very shy. The expectation here meets reality. You will see a modest lady who wants men to be gentlemen. We highly recommend you to be polite and get closer to the woman you like slowly, step by step. God forbid you send nudes! It may not only push your mail order bride away but also make her think that the foreigners want only intimacy and have no serious intentions. If you are an emotional person, please, keep calm and give your Filipino bride some time to get used to you.
  2. The church is highly respected in the Philippines. Some men expect to see a girl with a deep understanding of how religion influences their lives… And they will see that it is reality. The natural modesty of Filipino brides is accelerated by the church. However, the influence of religion touches not only moral values, but some life rules, and if you are going to date a Filipina, you should know that the Philippines is one of a few Asian countries with Christianity. If the religious issue is important for you, ask your bride about her belief and the possibility to change it for you, if needed.
  3. You will not see your girl’s body on the beach. It does not demand proofs: just have a look at the photos or visit any beach on the islands. Although the Philippines encourage tourists to come and have a nice time on the beach, its society does not encourage their women to show their bodies near the sea. Moral values and religion dictate women how to behave, and these rules oblige people to reveal all their beauty only to their closest ones. So, expect your bride to swim in a T-shirt.
  4. Filipino women combine the incompatible appearance features. You should be ready to see how unique Philippine women are: their skin is significantly darker than the skin of the other Asian women, but they preserve traditional Asian features, and such a combination makes them exceptionally attractive. Men fall for these beauties because they see the mixture of exotic features in them, and it is quite a promising and mystic mixture. The beautiful contrast between the dark skin and shiny white smile is fantastic, and you will see it on your own on the first date.
  5. These girls do not like to wear a lot of makeup. Do you expect to see girls who neglect their appearance? You will see the only natural beauty that does not need any cover. If you do not like women who adore changing their faces completely with the makeup – and then surprise you with their real faces – you will be happy to see a clean and beautiful face of your Filipino lady.
  6. They wear bright clothes rarely, but if they do, it makes a bomb effect. Some men believe that bright clothes mean open clothes; but here, the reality is just like it is said. The women do not like to show their bodies even on events. Yet, girls who look stunning do not have to put on fancy clothes and red lipstick to create bright accents. However, at the time of different national or family events they change their outfits completely! The Philippines celebrations can beat even the Brazilian Carnival with their colorfulness, entertainments, and beauty. A shy girl may turn to be a hot lady with bold temper, and this surprising feature makes men obsessed. Prepare to get obsessed with it too!
  7. Filipino girls are tranquil and friendly. Men who visited the Philippines noticed that it is much easier to make new contacts with women than with men. Sometimes it is hard even just ask a guy where the nearest restaurant is, but the girls answer anything with a warm welcome. If you are a fan of traditional dating (we mean dates and making contacts in real life) you will find it simple to meet your beautiful soulmate on the islands.
  8. It is easy to discuss relationships with a Filipino woman. Do not think that you will marry a woman who will do anything you want. These beauties respect themselves, but they respect their husbands’ decisions and opinions. So, if you have ever had a relationship with the one who did not listen to you and did not notice your feelings, you will feel relaxed with an Asian girl. Philippine ladies tend to have incredible empathy, and usually they do not argue with their husbands. You may see your bride’s deep understanding or at least the huge desire to understand you and your decisions at the very beginning of your relationship.
  9. The girls from the Philippines are passionate. Do not wait for your mail order bride to take off her clothes on the first date! Yes, they adore being with their beloved men, and it is a fact. And, men adore this feature of these girls! However, you should understand that getting closer to the body of your lady demands to get closer to her soul first. So, please, be patient and do not offend your woman with any hints of intimate relationship on the first meeting.
  10. The relatives of your woman will adore you if you truly love their charming beauty. In some Asian countries, there is quite a negative attitude to the marriages with the foreigners. Luckily, in the Philippines the parents of the girls are just glad to hear that their daughter is going to become the wife of a Western man. Foreigners usually are more generous, attentive, romantic, and financially stable than the men on the islands. Be ready to the ultimate dose of sincere happiness of the mom and dad of your woman!

The list of the things that you should expect on a date is endless because it is impossible to describe everything you can face. Yet, we hope that we have helped you to see what you can count on while dating a Filipino mail order bride!

How to find Filipinо women?

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It is easy: you can choose among the online and traditional way to meet a woman.

Our ancestors could use only the second option as the Internet was either a thing for the special people or did not become public yet. They could read the newspapers and imagine how beautiful the women of the Philippines are, how kind and charming is their nature. The only thing that was available to make their meeting with these girls happen was tourism. It is still available, and now it is much cheaper than was earlier. Some men come to the islands without any desire to find a wife, but they do it! It is because of the magic the Filipino girls can do. The magic of love, charm, and feminine beauty.

If you are not a big fan of traveling or do not have much time to explore the new places, you can try online dating services. Such services are just sites that provide its members with the chance to find their perfect match within the shortest period and using services that shorten this time even more. Each site has its unique features, but the basic ones are several ways to communicate (calls, messages, video chat), translators’ help, sending different gifts, and constant support by the site’s consultants if needed. The consultations, however, usually concern only tech issues.

How to choose the best dating site with Filipino singles?

  • Familiarize yourself with the best Filipina dating sites;
  • Read the reviews of real people and seek the articles about these sources on the review websites;
  • While choosing a dating platform, pay attention to the range of services and security measures;
  • Pick one or two dating platforms and register there;
  • Purchase the most suitable subscription plan, if any;
  • Try the available services and use those that you suppose to be the best for you;
  • Enjoy the communication with the beauties!

Finding yourself a Filipino mail order bride is easier than it may seem. Dating a girl from the Philippines, both online and offline, is a piece of cake too. Don’t be shy to give it a chance, fight your doubts so they don’t ruin your chance for the successful love story!

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