Home Marriage Guide How You Can Marry A Girl In The Philippines In 7 Simple Steps

So, you’ve finally realized that getting married to an Asian is one of the best things that can happen to you. Specifically speaking, ladies from the Philippines make incredible life and family partners. They are both resourceful and supportive and will be an invaluable addition to your wife.

But, how do you go about taking one of these foreign brides for yourself? It may seem like you have no way to meet and fall in love with one of them. But that’s not really true. You can choose among lots of beautiful Filipino women online, and this article shows you how to do that in seven simple steps.

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Step one: Sign up to a dating site

Firstly, you need to sign up with a dating website online. These sites feature profiles of eligible Filipino women that you can choose from. They are free to use, and signing up is as simple as filling a few forms and selecting your preferences. You only have to pay when you want to communicate with a woman you like. You can choose between communication tools like email and video chat, and each of these has its costs.

Step two: Court a beautiful Filipino woman

With time, you’ll get to know the woman a little better. You’ll also get the opportunity to verify whether you’re chatting with the woman you think you’re chatting with. Several scam websites exist online, and you want to make sure you’re signed up to a legitimate one. You can use video chat and specific questions to verify the identity of your prospective bride.

Step three: Take a romance tour

Once you’ve chosen one of the Asian foreign brides to call your own, you will need to make a trip to the Philippines. This tour is when most people get to meet their bride, as well as her family in person. You can expect that she’ll be particularly excited to introduce you to her family members. Some dating sites arrange these tours, and all you had to do is pay a fee. They arrange everything from your flights to accommodation, food, and even some romantic experiences for both of you.

You can also decide to take the tour yourself and plan your stops. Going by yourself might be a better option for you if you’re trying to keep your trip low-budget. You’ll have to look up air ticket prices, find accommodations, restaurants, and you may even have to hire a driver. However, all these services are easy to find online, so you have nothing to worry about.

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Step four: Prepare for the wedding in the Philippines

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Once you’re in the Philippines and you’ve met your bride, you can begin preparing for the wedding. Unlike in the United States, Philippine marriages are mildly regulated. You’ll have to provide a couple of documents to prove that you are both willing and able to get married.

Here’s a list of the documents:

  • Valid ID
  • Valid copies of your birth certificates
  • Affidavits of parental consent or advice, depending on the age of your Filipino bride
  • Certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR)
  • Certificate of pre-marriage counselling
  • Barangay Certificate
  • Recent passport photographs

You need to ensure that all your documents are in English. After submitting these documents, you’ll have to wait for some time, usually about ten days, to get your marriage license. Then, it’s all a matter of wedding your bride. You can do it in a church or court, depending on what the both of you, as well as your family members want.

Step five: Take her home

Like many people, you might decide to settle in the Philippines. If so, you can apply for a 13A Permanent Resident’s Visa. As with all governmental procedures, the Visa will take some time before it’s ready, usually about three months. You can also reside in the Philippines using a Bayan Balik Stamp.

The stamp is usually issued by an immigration officer, and you can only get it if you’re married to a Filipino. The immigration officials in the Philippines does not want to get in the way of a beautiful family in the making. To get it, all you need to do is pass through immigration on your way into the Philippines.

On the other hand, if you want to settle in your country, you’ll have to arrange your bride’s immigration papers. This process may require you to hire an immigration attorney to help you smoothen out the process. But, as long as you’re married, entering the states won’t be much of a problem.

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Step six: Take her home and then have a wedding

You can also choose to reverse the process and get married after you’ve arrived in the United States. If you take this route, your bride’s immigration and Visa will take time to process, and it’ll cost you some money. Anyone lucky enough to fall in love with a strong, beautiful Asian woman would want to wed her in the presence of family and friends. So, deciding to wed in the U.S. is understandable.

Having a wedding in the United States has another advantage. It allows your bride to adjust to the new environment, meet her new family, and take everything in while you’re preparing for the wedding. Plus, you can make it as lavish or as quiet as you want. The good news is that most people from the Philippines speak good English, so you won’t have to worry about helping her learn to speak the language.

Step seven: Live happily ever after

Congratulations. You’re now married to your beautiful bride. And you’re settled in your new home, either in the United States or in the Philippines. At this point in time, there’s nothing left to do but build a strong family and live happily ever after!