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What are your reasons for searching for a Filipino girlfriend? Maybe the aspiration to manifest a new culture into your life or your strange knack for connection with Asian beauties. 

Foreigners looking for Filipina wives are accustomed to fantasizing about them from stereotypical perspectives, involving relaxing massages and peaceful “auras”. Yet, Filipino women for marriage are not as simple as that: they’re independent, exciting, world-minded, and open to new experiences. 

Today you will overcome possible cliches and stereotypes whirling around Filipino beauties and unlock the real reasons why such women turn into the top wives. 

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Qualities Making Filipinas Attractive to Foreigners

Foreigners looking for Filipina brides are drawn to them for their qualities. Beauty is astonishing, but traits play a vivid role in long-term relationships. We have analyzed the winning qualities of Filipino women and would love to share the key 5 of them with you: 

  1. Filipino pretty brides speak English very well. Imagine this, you’ve met a compatible match with the same dating goals as you, and here’s one problem you’re facing – she doesn’t know English. It is daunting to enter new relationships with English classes as you won’t be able to communicate with each other freely. Interaction at the starting stage of a relationship is crucial and you’ll get to know each other perfectly with the woman from the Philippines
  2. Filipino women don’t have high expectations. Due to stereotypes and gender-based roles, many women expect their husbands to make thousands of dollars a day and provide them with lavish conditions. Filipino women looking for foreigners care more about the decency and kindness of the man focusing less on his status. 
  3. Local women are okay with gender-based roles. If you want to make a living while your beautiful wife raises children and spruces up the house, no biggie. A foreigner looking for Filipina to marry won’t stumble upon the disagreements at this point since it’s common for Filipino women to keep up with traditional values. 
  4. Filipino ladies are perfectly adaptive. A great array of foreigners engage with Philippino women for their adaptivity to other surroundings. Women who were raised in the Philippines are not highly homesick when they change their permanent location and move in with an international spouse. On the contrary, since they’re good at English, they incorporate their knowledge into making careers or simply maintaining strong relationships with their spouses’ parents and friends. 
  5. Filipino women take loyalty for granted. You probably know that divorce is illegal in the Philippines, perpetuating marriage in later years. Therefore, the mean age of first marriage for women is 28 years. Local women are seriously picky when it comes to marriage since they realize it’s the connection for life. This prohibition developed a sense of responsibility towards maintaining their happy relationship as long as possible. Since adultery demolishes happiness, Filipino women exclude it completely from their lives. 

How to Meet Filipinas to Marry?

Relax, you don’t need to fly to the Philippines to talk to stunning Filipino women. Modern dating apps are at your service boasting tons of opportunities for all kinds of online daters. You get to:

  • match with the most compatible woman 
  • talk to her via versatile communication tools
  • arrange the actual encounter with her
  • offer meaningful relationships and move in together 

Ergo, choosing the liable dating site is the foremost obligation for you. We understand there are too many apps making the choice even more perplexing. Yet, we have come to help you out and propose to you the best Filipina looking for foreigner dating site.

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If you’re an American guy yearning to legally marry a Filipino woman, you need to be ready for the legal procedures that require your time and money. 

Normally, the essential document for marrying a bride from the Philippines is surely a K-1 visa for fiancées of US citizens and the spousal visa process for spouses of US citizens or permanent residents. 

Your future Filipino wife should provide important documents along with the medical examination. The cost for a visa ranges from $2000 to $4000 depending on the country of residence of your wife. Within 4 to 6 months your girlfriend receives her visa and arrives in the United States. 

Remember one crucial thing: you need to get married within the first 90 days. If you fail to do so, you will lose your chance to marry each other and have to go through the same visa procedures all over again. 

The next step for your wife is to apply for Adjustment of Status to become a permanent resident. In other words, she will apply for the Green Card.

The last step is to remove the conditions of permanent residency. Ninety days before the second anniversary of receiving the Green Card, you and your wife must file Form I-751 to remove the conditions on residence.

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Common Challenges of Marrying Filipinas and Tips for Overcoming Them

Probably the first challenge of marrying Filipinas is all the legal procedures we described in the previous segment. Foreigners looking for Filipina wife should embrace a lot of patience to overcome all the legal technicalities. 

The second challenge may be more emotional as your Filipino wife is strongly bonded to her family. Despite her adaptive nature, she might feel homesick and scared of getting distanced from their loved ones. 

Alleviating the effects of the second challenge requires your support, both physical and emotional. Being there for her is your necessity, and obligation. You out of all other people should know what it’s like getting apart from the places you love and people you appreciate. 

Filipina dating foreigner understands all the consequences of international marriage but it doesn’t mean she feels nothing about it. 

Helping your wife with the documents and job seeking, and giving her enough support and appreciation is the key way to reduce the homesickness symptoms and adjust to new conditions for your Filipino wife.