Home Marriage Guide Why Filipino Women Marry Older Foreign Men?

When they sign up to be mail order brides, Filipino women often get proposals from different men from different parts of the world. However, they are usually very partial to marrying older foreign men, as opposed to younger, more local ones. People often question this preference. However, if you only knew what Filipino women knew, you’d understand why these men travel such a distance to be with them. Here is some insight into their decision-making process.

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Older foreign men have more experience

For one thing, Filipino women love older men for the same reason that everyone else admires them — they simply know more. Age comes with wisdom, and older men have been through enough to be considered veterans in life.

If you live long enough, you’re bound to see the world differently. Filipino women know this, and that’s why it’s so easy for them to become their mail order brides. Older men from abroad offer an opportunity for them to share some of their wisdom and insight.

Their experience often ranges from things like life lessons to family values, and even to personal development. Marrying an older man is like having permanent access to someone who can tell you all your mistakes before you make them. Life is unpredictable. But with an older man, everything becomes a little less random for a Filipina.

Foreign men have a different world view

Don’t forget that foreign men come from a whole other part of the world. Being from a different part of the world has certain advantages, one of which happens to be that you’re familiar with a different culture. Ironically, these men seek out Asian mail order brides because they also have a different world view.

The whole situation is a combination of unique perspectives. People often say that no one is an island, and the more you know, the better prepared you’ll be. Because they have the same cultural, and often educational backgrounds, some Filipino women are averse to marrying Filipino men.

Men from abroad, on the other hand, are just what these women seek. Remember that men who choose to find a bride in the Philippines come from all over the world. Many older foreign men looking for brides are from the United States, which is one of the best countries in the world. Of course, Filipina ladies want to be a part of that life and style.

Older foreign men usually have more means to raise a family

When it comes to building a family, love can only get you so far. As much as you might want to deny it, a suitable means is necessary for a quality life. Filipino women and many other Asian mail order brides are not willing to marry a man who cannot support them, both financially and otherwise.

To be sure, Filipina ladies are not lazy. In fact, they are some of the most hardworking ladies on the planet. However, it takes two to raise a family, and they need to know that their husbands are up to the task of supporting the whole household before they get into a long-term commitment.

It’s not just about financial means, but emotional and psychological as well. It takes more than money to raise a family. There’s also being a reliable parent to the children and a strong presence for the wife. Older men from abroad who actively seek out mail order brides are ready to give all the love and support required.

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They’ve probably seen the world

The relationship between a man and an Asian mail order bride is a curious one because they are so separated by distance. Before a foreign man reaches out to marry a Filipino, the odds are that he has explored other parts of the world.

Because most people only dream about travel and seeing the world, it only makes sense to leap at whatever opportunity comes to experience that world, in whatever capacity you can. For women from the Philippines, this includes marrying older men from abroad. Additionally, men who have the desire to marry foreign women have a sense of adventure.

In the end, it’s a combination of factors that prompts Filipino women to marry older men from abroad. It’s the sense of adventure, plus their holistic world view, and a hint of real-life experience. These attributes are desirable to any woman. Filipino women happen to be the lucky ones.

Older foreign men have a different set of priorities

We already discussed how older men from abroad have a different world view that younger men just don’t share. This worldview affects their preferences and the ways that they focus their energy. For example, you’re very likely to find lots of older men from abroad looking for mail order brides than any other age group of men.

The reason is quite simple. At their age, these men realize that love and family are two of essential things for happy living. They are very keen to find someone with whom they can raise a family. Filipino women recognize this, and luckily, they share the same priorities. These ladies hold family values in high esteem.

It’s not difficult to see why women from the Philippines marry older men. Everyone just wants to be happy. And what better way to do that than to marry someone who shares your values?

Older men can be very loving

Some research suggests that as we grow older, we tend to be more passionate and tender. This tendency stems from the fact that we tend to recognize the little things in life more easily in our older years. Young people are so energetic that they want to do a thousand things at the same time.

As rewarding as this ambition is, it comes with a trade-off — you tend to miss the little things. Older men have been through all of that, and they’re currently on the other side. Their intense bursts of energy have been replaced with calculated and insightful decisions.

All this affection is channeled to loving and caring for the women they marry. Older men are not as concerned about receiving love, as they are about giving it. They cherish every day, and they wish it could last forever. Naturally, this translates to a very pleasurable experience for their mail order brides.

Older foreign men are very faithful

This trait is in contrast to younger men. Older men have seen a lot in their life, and they can distinguish between pursuits that are worth it and those that are an absolute waste of time. Ask anyone of them about infidelity, and they’ll tell you that it’s a complete waste of time.

For one thing, cheating can only breed mistrust and a lack of love in a relationship. These are two things that older men from abroad don’t want. As we already discussed, older men from abroad are more interested in building a life than they are in chasing fleeting thrills.

Additionally, as older men, they have seen it all. They probably already have their share of love affairs and sexual escapades. They have gotten all of it and are less likely to cheat on their lovers.

Aged foreigners appreciate Filipino women

Filipina ladies are some of the most beautiful on earth. They are so beautiful that they have the second-highest number of wins in the Big Four International Beauty Pageants. With beauty like that, it’s difficult not to be appreciated by men.

It’s an interesting turn of event because men from abroad appreciate Filipino women for their beauty. This appreciation, in turn, makes Filipino women adore older men from abroad even more. To be sure, older men from abroad are not the only ones who see the beauty of Filipina ladies. But, they have a unique way of appreciating it. You would too, if you had to travel a long distance to be with a Filipina.

Anyone who knows Filipina ladies knows that beauty is only a small part of the package. There is so much more about these mail order brides that makes them amazing. Older men from abroad know this, and you can tell from the way they treat their women.

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What are the qualities that older foreign men admire the most in Filipina ladies

So far, we have discussed all the things that make Filipina ladies so drawn to men from abroad. Now, let’s talk on the qualities of these women that older men from abroad find so irresistible. After all, it takes two to fall in love, and Filipina ladies would not be able to marry men from abroad if they weren’t firstly attracted to them.

The list of positive traits of Filipino women goes on and on.

However, we’ve compiled three of the most prominent ones. They are:

1. Filipina ladies are industrious

Industrious, in this sense, refers to a healthy, almost unbreakable, work ethic. Women from the Philippines are incredibly hardworking. So much so that their strong ethic is one of the primary reasons why men marry them. To truly understand their drive, you need first to know that the Philippines is a developing country. Living excellently requires a truly resilient determination and a strong work ethic. As you know, the environment has a powerful influence on a person’s character and development. So, you can expect a similar drive in most, if not all, the women, in the Philippines. Older men from abroad know this.

2. Filipina ladies are very intuitive

To some degree, all human beings are intuitive. You can tell how something is going to turn out before it does because you’ve experienced a similar situation before. You can also tell, with some degree of certainty, whether or not something is a good idea. Filipina ladies have an intuition that’s higher that of many other people. This intuition develops in the same way as their work ethic. Just like the muscles in your body, your mind develops the more you use it, and Filipina ladies use their brains. A lot. This is just another reason why they are such incredible women.

3. Filipina ladies are conservative

Most people wish they could manage their resources more. Very rarely do we feel like we have everything we need; we often wish we had more. Sometimes, you genuinely don’t have enough. Other times, you just need to become better at managing your resources. Filipina ladies don’t have this problem. As family-oriented people, women from the Philippines know how to manage resources in a way that makes it look like you have more than enough. You can see how desirable this trait is, considering that raising a family is a lot of responsibility and that it requires a lot of commitment.

The bottom line

There isn’t a single answer to the question of why Filipino women marry foreign older men. Instead, it’s a whole series of answers, and they all relate to each other. For example, older men have experienced more in life, and have probably done more travel. So, they know what’s important. Their unique sense of priority then prompts them to cherish the women in their lives. Older men from abroad also tend to have more means to support and raise a family. And, they have enough experience to do it the right way too. All these factors make it easier for Filipino women to fall in love with and marry these foreign older men.