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Being overwhelmed with exciting hormones when communicating with smart and beautiful Filipino women is a normal thing. However, every story has its bitterness, which makes the relationships go through several challenges. 

There are multiple pros and cons of dating a Filipina. People often focus on positivity, but what if we explored the “dark side” of relationships? It is compelling as well. Plus, it will prevent you from possible shocking moments. 

Without further ado, here are the top 10 problems with Filipino wives. 

Pitfall #1—Abnormal tightness with her relatives

Yeah, yeah, family is crucial, we all know that. But here’s the thing: if you marry a Filipino woman, you will marry her family as well. You’ll notice how gradually and deeply they’ll invade your life: constant communication, demands to travel to them and spend time together, endless questions about “When are you planning to have kids?” etc. 

Surely, it might be bearable, but in many cases, your wife’s parents might vividly impact her decisions about your family life. Will this piss you off? Sure, it will.

Disadvantages of Marrying a Filipina Woman

Pitfall #2—Language barrier

Filipino is the official language in the Philippines. Yet some people speak English, but your future wife could be one who doesn’t. You cannot maintain any kind of connection with a person who doesn’t speak English unless you strive to learn her language. With enough persistence, you’re able to do so, but is it worth it? 

Pitfall #3—Freaking superstitions 

Superstitious beliefs are rooted in Filipino people, including mesmerizing wives. There are minor ones, like when you bite your tongue, someone is mulling over you. Yet, there are crazy ones like “elves are the ones who steal your things” or “your itchy palm is the sign of future financial promotion.”

Of course, if you’re okay with that and can come to terms with doozy superstitions, you won’t have a problem with a Filipino wife. 

Pitfall #4—Codependent relationships

There is a big law of codependency around Filipino brides, “No matter what, you should ensure you’re relying on your spouse.” Again, it works pretty well for some males, but if you are searching for an independent, self-regulating partner, you don’t marry a Filipina. Her codependency through time becomes suffocating.

Pitfall #5—Her attention will be yours 24/7

We human beings need some time for solitude, at least for a few hours per week. Say goodbye to desirable solo me-time after marrying a Filipina woman. She will most likely demand your attention 24/7 and “strangle” you with her focus constantly. 

If you go out with friends, she might want to join; if you decide to see your colleagues, she may propose to come with you, and so on. 

Pitfall #6—She will throw tantrums if something is off

One crucial pitfall about marrying a Filipina can apply to her childish behavior. Surely, not every woman behaves this way. Picture this: you’re arguing with her. Instead of uttering her demands peacefully and sharing her true feelings, your Filipino wife starts yanking your chain with silence or shedding tears. It will feel like you’re fighting with a kid. 

Pitfall #7—Your marriage will take time

Even though modern Filipino women perceive marriage well, they don’t rush to get married. The mean age of a Filipino wife is 28 years. We predict this figure is going to shift to 30+ in the foreseeable future. There are valid reasons why Filipino females avoid jumping into wedlock quickly, they cannot divorce their spouses in the Philippines as the country prohibits it. 

Pitfall #8—She despises footwear in the house

In the Philippines, you cannot wear shoes inside the house. As you walk into her room in dirty shoes, get prepared for scolding and making a wrong impression on yourself. Living with a Filipino female will shift your mindset from “wearing shoes at home” to a “no-shoe policy.” If you’re okay with that, then yes. On the condition you’re against this rule, don’t marry a Filipina woman then. 

Pitfall #9—Religious differences

Religion is essential to Philippino women. Roman Catholicism is the official religion in this country. If you’re following a different religion or have no beliefs, there could be a big issue for your relationship with a Philipino wife. 

Pitfall #10—Exhausting gender roles

We didn’t know whether to add this point to the list or not. Yet, we voted to include this one, as modern males rarely aspire to meet traditional-aimed girlfriends. You may be one of those guys who wants his wife to thrive both professionally and in his personal life. You want a woman with interests and pet peeves, and not a robotic housewife who narrows down her life to two actions: spruce up the place and raise the kids. 

Filipina Woman Problems

But What Are the Benefits of Marrying a Filipina Woman?

You have unveiled Filipina wife problems, then what? Give up on Filipino ladies? Of course, not. Filipino ladies have lots to offer to males, which is reflected in the following benefits: 

  1. Filipino brides love marrying foreigners
  2. They adore American guys
  3. Philippine brides are incapable of cheating
  4. They don’t rush to get married
  5. Girls from the Philippines are submissives in the family
  6. Filipino women are peaceful and balanced
  7. They look younger at any age
  8. Ladies from the Philippines end up amazing mothers
  9. Your Filipino bride will not take you for granted
  10. Your pretty Filipina wife is also your best friend

More meticulously, you can digest these benefits in the following article


What to expect when marrying a Filipina? Hopefully, you have your answers covered. Strongly focusing on the pitfalls may prevent you from starting new happy relationships with a Filipino woman. 

At this point, ensure you analyze both advantages and disadvantages, figuring out what you can tolerate and what is impossible to bear. Therefore, you’ll realize whether to commit to a Filipino girlfriend.